Nazis and the Middle East

7:30 pm UK, 8:30 pm Europe, 12:30 PT, 3:30 pm ET, Israel 9:30pm. In 1937, the pamphlet "Islam and Judaism" heralded the arrival in the Muslim world of a new form of Jew-hatred: Islamic antisemitism. How did Nazi ideas penetrate the Arab and Muslim world world and what is their legacy today? Dr Matthias Kuentzel, […]

And ye shall tell your children…..

The exodus from Egypt is an opportunity to recall a modern exodus of Jews from Arab and Muslim countries. On the Passover Seder night  we recite he verse in the Haggadah  Shemot 13:8,  commanding “And you shall tell your child on that day: ‘Because of this, HaShem did for me, when he took me out […]

The Jews of Borneo

Tuesday 5 April, 7:30 pm UK time. North Borneo was a British protectorate in the northern part of the island of Borneo. It is present-day Malaysian Borneo, ie Sabah.  Baghdadi, Sephardi and Ashkenazi Jews were integral to the development of North Borneo - as pioneers, planters, merchants, political refugees and prisoners of war. Our speaker […]

How different is Judeo-Arabic from Arabic?

Tuesday 3 May 2022, 6:30 pm UK time, 8:30 pm Israel. Judeo-Arabic is a 'religiolect' that has been spoken and written by Jews throughout the Arabic-speaking world. Although drawing on elements of standard Arabic, Judeo-Arabic has certain features that sets it apart: Hebrew characters, specific scripts and elements of Hebrew and Aramaic grammar. Professor Benjamin […]

Anything but cheesecake!

Tuesday 17 May, 7:30 pm UK time.  The festival of Shavu'ot  begins on 4 June this year. It is customary for Jews to prepare dairy foods, and the festival is predominantly associated with the eating of cheesecake. But Sephardi and Mizrahi communities have their own distinct traditions. We will be joined by expert cooks Linda […]

Pilgrimage to Djerba 2022

            Tuesday 31 May 2022. 7:30 pm UK time. The traditional  Lag Ba' Omer pilgrimage to the historic Al-Griba synagogue in Djerba this year drew numbers of visitors almost back to pre-COVID levels. Tour guide and historian Nigel Grizzard was among them. He will share his thoughts and impressions of […]

A Karaite journey from Cairo to California

Tuesday 14 June 2022, 7:30 pm UK time, 11:30 am PT. David Ovadia was born in Cairo and left Egypt at the age of 12 with his family for Paris, subsequently settling in San Francisco, California. Passionately committed to preserving the heritage of his Karaite Jewish community of Egypt, at the same time ensuring that its […]

Post-67 backlash on Jews in Arab countries

Tuesday 28 June, 7:30 pm UK. It is  55 years since Israel’s victory in the Six-Day War changed the politics of the Middle  East.   But it also led to a dramatic backlash on the few thousand Jews still living in Arab countries. Most of the last remaining Jews in Egypt, Lebanon,  Libya, Morocco and Tunisia […]

The miraculous survival of a Bukharian family

Tuesday 19 July, 7:00 pm UK, 9:00 Israel. A true story about Revolution, occupation and survival. Eve Weinberg will present the turbulent, but life-affirming story of her maternal grandparents, Aron and Adina Abramoff, based on Adina's memoir. Eve's talk will depict her grandparents' tranquil life in the early 1900s in Kokand and Tashkent, Central Asia,  […]

The Colonial Era in the Middle East and North Africa- A Golden Age ?

Tuesday 23 August 2022, 7:30 pm UK time. In the 19th and early 20th centuries, Britain, France and Italy extended their influence and established protectorates and mandates in the Middle East and North Arica. Jews in Arab countries look back on the colonial era with nostalgia – and contributed massively in every field: politics, trade, […]

Jews of Algeria: 60 years since the exodus

Tuesday 6 September 2022, 7:30 pm UK time. Sixty years have passed since the mass exodus of 130,000 Jews from Algeria. Of the 850,000 who fled Arab countries, the Jews of Algeria were unusual: they held French nationality, although the community was indigenous. The Jews tried to maintain neutrality as the war for independence gathered […]

Jews of the Azores

Tuesday 20 September, 7 pm UK. The first known settlement of Jews in the  Azores, an archipelago of Atlantic islands, began in 1818 with the arrival of five merchants from Morocco. By 1848 the Jews in the Azores numbered 250; several small communities had been established, the most important being in Ponta Delgada (founded in […]

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Post-67 backlash on Jews in Arab countries: Part 2
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Jews of Tunisia
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Jews in Hollywood on the Nile


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