How is this Sephardi Seder different?

Tuesday 16 March. 7:30pm UK time/ 12: 30pm PT/ 3:30pm ET/ 8:30pm Europe/ 9:30pm Israel. Harif/Hampstead synagogue/ JIMENA. Fabienne Viner-Luzzato, professional chef of Tunisian origin and JC contributor, Esther Amini, author with Persian roots of the acclaimed ‘Concealed’ and Linda Dangoor, artist and popular author of Flavours of Babylon will talk about their special foods and tell us how […]

Jews in Kurdistan: past and future

*Tuesday 23 March.7:30 pm UK time/ 12:30 am PT/3:30 pm ET/ 8:30 pm Europe/ 9:30 pm Israel. Lecturer Dena Attar will present the history of Jews from Mosul and Kurdistan, while journalist Levi Meir Clancy, based in Kurdistan, will share with us his thoughts on prospects for the revival of the community.

Jews in Burma

Tuesday 6 April, 7:30 pm UK time/ 11:30 am PT/ 2:30 ET/8:30 pm Europe/ 9:30 pm IsraelDid you know that Baghdadi Jews from India first began settling in Burma (Myanmar) in the 19th century? The community went into decline after WWII. Writer and academic Dr Saul Zadka met the remaining Jews of Burma, and toured […]

Roots of Tyranny in Iraq

Tuesday 13 April 2021. 7 pm UK timeTo mark the 100th anniversary of the foundation of Iraq, Reeva Spector Simon will discuss how militarism, nationalism, and Nazi propaganda led to the Farhud in 1941.  Dr. Simon served as co-director of the Middle East Institute at Columbia University,  Professor of History at Yeshiva University, and  is […]

Mogador (Essaouira): a town like no other

For centuries, the superpowers of the time competed to control Mogador (Essaouira), which became Morocco’s leading port. Colonial influence exerted an amazing effect on the Jews: many thrived and benefited from  protection and foreign citizenship. Historian of Moroccan Jewry Sidney Corcos will tell us what made this city unique.

Jews of India

Tuesday 27 April 2021, 7:30 pm UK time. With Maisie Meyer. A virtual tour of India’s ancient Jewish communities: Bene Israel and Cochin Jews, Baghdadi Jews in Bombay and Calcutta, and the much smaller groups of Bene Manashe and Bene Ephraim.

Baghdadis in Bollywood

Tuesday 4 May, 7:30 pm UK time Although the smallest of India’s minorities, Jews played as important a role in  the world’s largest film industry, Bollywood. Almost all of India’s earliest silent movie stars were female Baghdadi Jews: Salochana, Miss Rose, Pramila and Nadira. Our lecturer Kenneth X Robbins is a psychiatrist, collector of south […]

Simantov! Jewish marriage contracts from the British Library

Tuesday, 11 May 2021 - 7:30pm UK time A ketubah (plural ketubot) has been an integral part of Jewish weddings for over 2,000 years.   Written in Aramaic, the traditional text specifies the husband’s financial obligations towards his wife, thus ensuring her protection and security should the marriage end through divorce, desertion, or death. The ketubah is  one of the earliest documents granting women legal […]

MENA Jews and the Holocaust

Thursday, 13 May - the date of the German 1943 Surrender in Tunis. 7:00 pm UK time/ 11:00 am PT/ 2:00 pm ET/ 8:00 pm Europe/ 9:00 pm Israel How did the Holocaust affect the Jews of The Middle East and North Africa?  Had the Allies not won the battle of El Alamein in 1942, […]

Israel’s envoy in Iran

Wednesday 19 May, 7:30 pm. Interview with diplomat and academic Efrat Sopher about her late grandfather Meir Ezri, an unsung hero. Ezri was appointed by David Ben Gurion  and served as Israeli ambassador to Iran for 15 years from 1958 to 1973.   His achievements included  assisting fleeing Iraqi Jews and marshalling aid for the Qazvin […]

80th Anniversary of the Farhud

Sunday 30 May, 5 pm UK. Harif (UK association of Middle Eastern & North African (MENA) Jews) and the Montreal’s Spanish & Portuguese Synagogue are joining forces to organise a Zoom commemorative event for the 80th anniversary of the Farhud. The Farhud is the name given to the Shavuot massacre of  Jews in Iraq on […]

Jews of the Amazon

Tuesday 8 June, 7:30 pm UK time. Did you know that Sephardi Jews from Morocco came to Brazil and Peru from 1810 onwards during the rubber boom, and settled in the Amazon? In the course of his quest for traces of these Jews, our intrepid lecturer Dr Shaul Zadka stumbled, among other oddities, on the […]

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SUNDAY, 4 MARCH - Great Escapes from Arab lands and Iran
TUESDAY, 20 MARCH - The impact of the ‘Arab Spring’ on minorities
WEDNESDAY, 2 MAY - The Jews of Burma
WEDNESDAY, 23 MAY - I Love You Rosa film
WEDNESDAY, 6 JUNE - Canon Andrew White
TUESDAY, 12 JUNE - The House on Chelouche St film
SUNDAY, 17 JUNE - Where are you going Moshe?
WEDNESDAY, 20 JUNE - The Last Jews of Libya
TUESDAY, 26 JUNE - A Weekend in Galilee film


TUESDAY, 1 FEBRUARY - What next for Tunisia and its Jews?
SUNDAY, 3 APRIL - A convivial evening with Linda Dangoor
SUNDAY, 15 MAY - Remembering the Jewish refugees from Arab Countries
WEDNESDAY, 1 JUNE - Seventy years since the Farhud
SUNDAY, 12 JUNE - Jewish women’s voices from the East
WEDNESDAY, 15 JUNE - The Last Jews of Libya: film
SUNDAY, 19 JUNE - Middle Eastern Musical Magic
THURSDAY, 23 JUNE - The Forgotten Refugees: film
WEDNESDAY, 21 SEPTEMBER - Voices of Departure: film
SUNDAY, 25 SEPTEMBER - Rally for the Middle East’s forgotten refugees
WEDNESDAY, 26 OCTOBER - Israel, the ‘Arab Spring’ and me
WEDNESDAY, 23 NOVEMBER - A tribute to Albert Memmi
TUESDAY, 13 DECEMBER - Where are you going, Moshe?
23 – 29 DECEMBER - Harif at Limmud


WEDNESDAY, 24 FEBRUARY - Secrets of Jewish Djerba
WEDNESDAY, 3 MARCH - Baghdad and after: Eli Amir in conversation
WEDNESDAY, 24 MARCH - Ladino evening at Holland Park
SUNDAY, 11 APRIL - Moise, Dalida et moi
WEDNESDAY, 16 JUNE - How submissive are North African Jewish Women?
TUESDAY, 6 JULY - Jailed in Gaza: Paul Martin tells his story
TUESDAY, 5 OCTOBER - An evening with Sir Martin Gilbert
TUESDAY, 12 OCTOBER - Forgotten Refugees film
THURSDAY, 4 NOVEMBER - A history of educating Jews in Muslim lands
SUNDAY, 7 NOVEMBER - In the beginning was a school…(film)


TUESDAY, 20 JANUARY - Book launch: Iraq’s Last Jews
MONDAY, 23 FEBRUARY - An evening with Lucette Lagnado
TUESDAY, 17 MARCH - Film: Operation Mural
WEDNESDAY, 17 JUNE - Albert Memmi in conversation – cancelled for health reasons
TUESDAY, 14 JULY - The 1941 pogrom in the literature of Jews from Iraq
WEDNESDAY, 21 OCTOBER - The forgotten exodus: Jews from Islamic lands
WEDNESDAY, 11 NOVEMBER - The magical manuscripts of Oriental Jews
WEDNESDAY, 18 NOVEMBER - An evening with Orly Halpern
TUESDAY, 24 NOVEMBER - Meet Vivian Wineman
SUNDAY, 29 NOVEMBER - The Al-Kuwaity brothers : a celebration


WEDNESDAY, 9 JANUARY - Kululush (film)
WEDNESDAY, 16 JANUARY - Shabbetai Zvi: the False Messiah
WEDNESDAY, 30 JANUARY - Between Judaism and Islam: Turkey’s Donmeh
SATURDAY, 1 MARCH - Memories of Eden
TUESDAY, 25 MARCH - Kululush (film)
SUNDAY, 30 MARCH - Forgotten Refugees of Arab Lands: the impact of the Six Day War
SUNDAY, 6 APRIL - Sallah Shabati (film)
TUESDAY, 9 SEPTEMBER - Aleppo and Damascus – Then and Now
THURSDAY, 18 SEPTEMBER - Why minority rights are the key to peace in the Middle East
WEDNESDAY, 24 SEPTEMBER - Jews of Lebanon
TUESDAY, 18 NOVEMBER - The Stone Flower: UK Premiere
WEDNESDAY, 10 DECEMBER - Jews of Calcutta


THURSDAY, 18 JANUARY - Lecture: Identity and memory among the Jews of Salonica
SATURDAY, 3 FEBRUARY - Baghdad Sketches
WEDNESDAY, 7 FEBRUARY - Film: Salonica, City of Silence
SUNDAY, 4 MARCH - Naim Kattan and Marina Benjamin in conversation
TUESDAY, 6 MARCH - From Baghdad to Montreal: a Jewish writer’s journey
SUNDAY, 11 MARCH - Mysteries of Sephardi DNA
TUESDAY, 19 JUNE - Jews of Iran film
TUESDAY, 2 OCTOBER - Iran, Islamic Fundamentalism and Israel
TUESDAY, 23 OCTOBER - Home and Away: the effects of exile on refugees


WEDNESDAY, 25 OCTOBER - The films of Duki Dror: displacement and the search for identity
WEDNESDAY, 1 NOVEMBER - 2,600 years of Judaism in Iraq
THURSDAY, 9 NOVEMBER - Iraqi Jewry and the Farhoud pogrom of 1941
THURSDAY, 16 NOVEMBER - Professor Ephraim Karsh: Islamic imperialism and the Jews
SUNDAY, 19 NOVEMBER - Iraqi forum : Can the new Iraq be safe for its minorities ?
MONDAY, 4 DECEMBER - Muslim-Jewish relations in the Maghreb, 1850–1948


Harif Week: 14 - 20 November 2005

SUNDAY: Bat Ye'or interviewed by Dr Patrick Sookhdeo on Dhimmitude, Chatham House
MONDAY: Moroccan Henna at Leighton House
TUESDAY: Rivers of Babylon music ensemble at the S&P Lauderdale Road Synagogue
WEDNESDAY: 'A matter of time' film on N. African Jews in WWII, presented by Dr Irit Abramski
THURSDAY: 'Longing and Hope' with Eli Amir, Imperial College
SATURDAY: 'Forgotten Refugees' London Premiere, Q&A with Eli Amir and David Littman

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Carpets, Textiles and Kiss-Me-Quick hats: the Sephardim of Yorkshire
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