Lost Jewish voices of Indonesia


Tuesday 14 December 2021, 9 pm UK time. Journalist  and author Deborah Cassrels will join us from Australia to explore  the largely unknown journeys and lives of Sephardi Iraqi Jews who emigrated to the Dutch East Indies (now Indonesia) in the early 1900s during waves of persecution and instability in Baghdad. About 600 Iraqi Jews […]

Jews of Turkey – past and present


There have been Jews in Turkey since at least the fifth century BCE. Spanish and Portuguese Jews expelled from Spain after 1492 were welcomed into the Ottoman Empire and formed a  Ladino-speaking majority.  Professor Yitzchak Kerem of the Hebrew University will give us a potted history of the community through to the upheavals of the 20th century. […]

Jews of Yemen in modern times

How isolated were Yemenite Jews from the general Jewish world? What happened to them during the Holocaust? Dr Dov Levitan will  discuss the emigration of 50,000 Jews and their absorption into Israel (including the Yemenite Children Affair), and the process leading up to the extinction of  the Yemenite diaspora  during the past year.  

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An Evening to mark the Departure and Expulsion of Jewish Refugees from Arab countries and Iran
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Lost Jewish voices of Indonesia
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Jews of Turkey – past and present


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