To combat Holocaust denial, call out Arab antisemitism

The path to true reconciliation lies in a balanced view of history, where Jewish victims of Arab antisemitism are allowed to tell their stories, and Arab states are called to […]
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Jews vanish from Iraq, but still have no closure

The recent death of the “last Jewish doctor” in Iraq highlights the near-extinction of the oldest Jewish Diaspora in the world…. Read this full article in the Jewish News Syndicate […]
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Who says Morocco never persecuted its Jews?

The news that Israel and Morocco are about to “normalize” their relations has been met with jubilation in Israel—and in the Moroccan diaspora. The first direct flight has taken off […]
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The man who flew 120,000 Iraqi Jews to Israel

Jews with roots in Iraq are today the third largest community in Israel – after the Soviet and the Moroccan. Did you ever wonder how they got there? Read this […]
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