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SUNDAY 4 MARCH - Great Escapes from Arab lands and Iran
TUESDAY 20 MARCH - The impact of the ‘Arab Spring’ on minorities
WEDNESDAY 2 MAY - The Jews of Burma
WEDNESDAY 23 MAY - I Love You Rosa film
WEDNESDAY 6 JUNE - Canon Andrew White
TUESDAY 12 JUNE - The House on Chelouche St film
SUNDAY 17 JUNE - Where are you going Moshe?
WEDNESDAY 20 JUNE - The Last Jews of Libya
TUESDAY 26 JUNE - A Weekend in Galilee film


TUESDAY 1 FEBRUARY - What next for Tunisia and its Jews?
SUNDAY 3 APRIL - A convivial evening with Linda Dangoor
SUNDAY 15 MAY - Remembering the Jewish refugees from Arab Countries
WEDNESDAY 1 JUNE - Seventy years since the Farhud
SUNDAY 12 JUNE - Jewish women’s voices from the East
WEDNESDAY 15 JUNE - The Last Jews of Libya: film
SUNDAY 19 JUNE - Middle Eastern Musical Magic
THURSDAY 23 JUNE - The Forgotten Refugees: film
WEDNESDAY 21 SEPTEMBER - Voices of Departure: film
SUNDAY 25 SEPTEMBER - Rally for the Middle East’s forgotten refugees
WEDNESDAY 26 OCTOBER - Israel, the ‘Arab Spring’ and me
WEDNESDAY 23 NOVEMBER - A tribute to Albert Memmi
TUESDAY 13 DECEMBER - Where are you going, Moshe?
23 – 29 DECEMBER - Harif at Limmud


WEDNESDAY 24 FEBRUARY - Secrets of Jewish Djerba
WEDNESDAY 3 MARCH - Baghdad and after: Eli Amir in conversation
WEDNESDAY 24 MARCH - Ladino evening at Holland Park
SUNDAY 11 APRIL - Moise, Dalida et moi
WEDNESDAY 16 JUNE - How submissive are North African Jewish Women?
TUESDAY 6 JULY - Jailed in Gaza: Paul Martin tells his story
TUESDAY 5 OCTOBER - An evening with Sir Martin Gilbert
TUESDAY 12 OCTOBER - Forgotten Refugees film
THURSDAY 4 NOVEMBER - A history of educating Jews in Muslim lands
SUNDAY 7 NOVEMBER - In the beginning was a school…(film)


TUESDAY 20 JANUARY - Book launch: Iraq’s Last Jews
MONDAY 23 FEBRUARY - An evening with Lucette Lagnado
TUESDAY 17 MARCH - Film: Operation Mural
WEDNESDAY 17 JUNE - Albert Memmi in conversation – cancelled for health reasons
TUESDAY 14 JULY - The 1941 pogrom in the literature of Jews from Iraq
WEDNESDAY 21 OCTOBER - The forgotten exodus: Jews from Islamic lands
WEDNESDAY 11 NOVEMBER - The magical manuscripts of Oriental Jews
WEDNESDAY 18 NOVEMBER - An evening with Orly Halpern
TUESDAY 24 NOVEMBER - Meet Vivian Wineman
SUNDAY 29 NOVEMBER - The Al-Kuwaity brothers : a celebration


WEDNESDAY 9 JANUARY - Kululush (film)
WEDNESDAY 16 JANUARY - Shabbetai Zvi: the False Messiah
WEDNESDAY 30 JANUARY - Between Judaism and Islam: Turkey’s Donmeh
SATURDAY 1 MARCH - Memories of Eden
TUESDAY 25 MARCH - Kululush (film)
SUNDAY 30 MARCH - Forgotten Refugees of Arab Lands: the impact of the Six Day War
SUNDAY 6 APRIL - Sallah Shabati (film)
TUESDAY 9 SEPTEMBER - Aleppo and Damascus – Then and Now
THURSDAY 18 SEPTEMBER - Why minority rights are the key to peace in the Middle East
WEDNESDAY 24 SEPTEMBER - Jews of Lebanon
TUESDAY 18 NOVEMBER - The Stone Flower: UK Premiere
WEDNESDAY 10 DECEMBER - Jews of Calcutta


THURSDAY 18 JANUARY - Lecture: Identity and memory among the Jews of Salonica
SATURDAY 3 FEBRUARY - Baghdad Sketches
WEDNESDAY 7 FEBRUARY - Film: Salonica, City of Silence
SUNDAY 4 MARCH - Naim Kattan and Marina Benjamin in conversation
TUESDAY 6 MARCH - From Baghdad to Montreal: a Jewish writer’s journey
SUNDAY 11 MARCH - Mysteries of Sephardi DNA
TUESDAY 19 JUNE - Jews of Iran film
TUESDAY 2 OCTOBER - Iran, Islamic Fundamentalism and Israel
TUESDAY 23 OCTOBER - Home and Away: the effects of exile on refugees


WEDNESDAY 25 OCTOBER - The films of Duki Dror: displacement and the search for identity
WEDNESDAY 1 NOVEMBER - 2,600 years of Judaism in Iraq
THURSDAY 9 NOVEMBER - Iraqi Jewry and the Farhoud pogrom of 1941
THURSDAY 16 NOVEMBER - Professor Ephraim Karsh: Islamic imperialism and the Jews
SUNDAY 19 NOVEMBER - Iraqi forum : Can the new Iraq be safe for its minorities ?
MONDAY 4 DECEMBER - Muslim-Jewish relations in the Maghreb, 1850–1948


Harif Week: 14 - 20 November 2005

SUNDAY: Bat Ye'or interviewed by Dr Patrick Sookhdeo on Dhimmitude, Chatham House
MONDAY: Moroccan Henna at Leighton House
TUESDAY: Rivers of Babylon music ensemble at the S&P Lauderdale Road Synagogue
WEDNESDAY: 'A matter of time' film on N. African Jews in WWII, presented by Dr Irit Abramski
THURSDAY: 'Longing and Hope' with Eli Amir, Imperial College
SATURDAY: 'Forgotten Refugees' London Premiere, Q&A with Eli Amir and David Littman

Upcoming Events

MENA Jews and the Holocaust
Israel’s envoy in Iran
80th Anniversary of the Farhud


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