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Treats from Tunisia, virtual event

14 July 2020 @ 7:30 pm - 11:30 pm

Tuesday 14 July, 7:30 pm UK time 11:30 am PT | 2:30 pm ET | 9:30 pm Israel.

Fabienne Viner-Luzzato was born in Paris of Tunisian parents and now lives in London. A chef, caterer, teacher and food writer, Fabienne will demonstrate delectable dishes from Tunisia. Cook along with Fabienne or just enjoy the demonstration.

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Cook along with Fabienne! Here are the recipes for a Tunisian Kemia feast:

Potato salad with cumin
Baby new salad potato 500g
Sunflower oil
Salt, Pepper, Cumin powder
Flat parsley

Boil the potatoes until soft.
Peel some of them (leaving some with the skin on, and slice them all. Prepare in a bowl the sauce: add a few spoons of oil, some cumin powder, some salt, and pepper. Add on the potatoes and stir well. You can add some lemon juice if you want.

Beetroot, radishes, and orange salad
2 packs of radishes
2 packs of cooked beetroot
3 large fresh oranges
Salt, pepper, olive oil, lemon

Wash and slice the radishes
Cut the beetroot in cubes
Cut the oranges in segments
Mix everything, add the juice of a lemon, some olive oil, salt and pepper

Courgette salad
3 courgettes
100g of roasted mixed salted nuts chopped or green lentils

Wash the courgettes and cut them in thin slices. Boil them and then drain them from their water.
If lentils, boil them only for 15 minutes maximum.
Chop them roughly and add the chopped nuts, one good TBS of harissa and a good shake of salt. Stir well and eat.

Carrots and coriander salad
6 carrots sliced thinly
Coriander powder
Coriander leaves
1/2 lemon
Olive oil
Sea salt, pepper

In a bowl, add the carrots, a teaspoon of coriander powder, the juice of half a lemon, four table spoons of olive oil, and a few coriander leaves.

Aubergine salad/baba ganoush
3 large aubergines
2 red onions
Fresh coriander 1 pack 30g
The juice of half a lemon
The puree of two cloves of garlic
2 TBS of tehini

Cut two aubergines in large slices and brush them with lemon juice and sunflower or vegetable oil. Roast them in the oven until they become golden brown. Wash one aubergine and wrap it whole in aluminium foil. Cook it in the oven at 200C for 30-40 minutes. Remove the skin and puree the aubergine. Slice the red onions and fry them. Caramelize with two or three TBSs of sugar. Add the garlic puree, salt and pepper, the mayonnaise,
Add one TBS of the first preparation on each aubergine slice and some fresh coriander leaves.

Lamb/beef burgers/kefta
500g minced lamb or minced beef (or a mix of both)
1 large red onion, finely chopped
20g finely chopped fresh flat parsley
About 6 tables spoons of matzo meal
2 medium eggs
Salt, pepper
A generous shake of cumin, sweet paprika, turmeric, coriander powder…
Sunflower oil for brushing

Put all the burger ingredients and seasonings in a bowl. Mix all the ingredients very well with your hands. Form your mini keftas and brush both sides with oil. Oven cook at 180C for about 20-30 minutes, turning halfway after 10-15 minutes.

Fish” khleimi” with harissa sauce
2 salmon or any other fish fillets
1/2 cloves of garlic, chopped
One generous teaspoon of harissa (depending on taste)
Turmeric powder
Salt, pepper
Sunflower oil (1 TBS)
Lemon juice of one lemon

Rinse the fish
Mix the chopped garlic, the harissa, lemon, salt, pepper, oil together
Rub this paste on the fish
Lay the fish in an oven tray and cook at 180C for 8-10 minutes maximum in order that the fish stays very soft and a bit pink inside


14 July 2020
7:30 pm - 11:30 pm

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